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The I Am Well Approach

At I Am Well Today, we specialize in identifying the root cause of chronic conditions as well as prioritize solutions to reach optimal health using our scientifically proven modalities that curb inflammation.

What Our clients Are saying

"Regina’s plan for my weight loss has proven to be so successful. I have lost 35 pounds and my markers have all improved. I feel great!"
Jane Austin
“After only 6 days of following Regina’s personalized protocol, I was able to discontinue my diabetes medications and haven’t required them since!"
Gabrielle Pflugerville

our team

Regina Brugh


Regina is an experienced and accomplished Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Practitioner. After assessing each client’s whole health she analyzes the root cause of their health problems and related symptoms.She specializes in Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM) Therapy, ONDAMED therapies, personalized nutrition and hydration protocols, and disease prevention. As a teacher and practitioner of functional medicine, Regina looks at your health care with a personalized approach, recognizing the biological uniqueness of each patient. Hers is an evidence-based field of health care that views the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease prevention.

Philippe Goix


Dr. Philippe Goix as a physicist has 25 years of laser based diagnostics, thermodynamic and quantum physics experience.  Philippe is author of numerous publications and patents.  Philippe has launched many products related to cellular heath, inflammation and organ function.  Philippe’s passion for anti-aging and chronic disease prevention has grown tremendously over the last 10 years as it became increasingly apparent that the traditional one size fit all solution has shown diminishing return for the patient, the practitioner and the Healthcare system.

Dr. Lisa Harte

Medical Director, MD

Passionate about wellness and optimal health, Dr. Harte has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years. She attended medical school at the University of Texas Heath Science Center Medical School in San Antonio. She completed her residency in Family Medicine and was in the first group to be certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Harte offers consultations for hormones and functional medicine, and works closely with clients to make sure their mindset is helping them achieve whatever they want instead of it being their limiting factor.


Frequently asked questions

We are located at 710 NE 3rd Ave in Delray Beach, Florida.

We do not offer free health consultations. We do, however, offer 50% off your initial consultation when you proceed with your personalized wellness plan.

Currently, Eon Well is fully staffed. Thank you for your interest!

The Eon Well team is available to answer your questions. Please Contact Us for more information!