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Hydrating the Right Way

When an individual is thirsty, they think of water. What most people don’t know is that it’s hydrogen that our body wants. However, some sources have greater amounts of hydrogen than others do. There are various ways to maximize intake. Food is a primary source for hydrogen, but it is tied up in complex molecules. This means it needs to be metabolized to release the hydrogen.

When you don’t get the right amount of hydrogen, you are at risk of dehydration. It has been linked to many maladies. One way or another, all symptoms of disease and aging has been linked to lack of hydrogen. 

Get the right amount of hydrogen your body needs with I am Well Today. We offer a drink made of light water rich in hydrogen content and depleted in deuterium. It also has key natural amino acids that your body needs. You can trust our drink to improve your energy level.

The Dangers of Deuterium

The 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for discoveries that involved nanomotors in the mitochondria. Each minute, these tiny motors produce energy by interchanging countless hydrogen atoms. To carry out daily tasks, you need sufficient energy. If there is a shortage, your body will be forced to prioritize functions and may not even have the adequate energy to preserve a strong and responsive immune system.

Natural water contains deuterium, one of the two stable isotopes of hydrogen. It is larger and heavier. Apart from this, it has notable negative effects on your health. High concentrations may prevent your body healthy cells from creating energy, in result causing premature aging and a vulnerable immune system.

Benefits of Deuterium Depleted Drinks:

With deuterium depleted drinks, you can receive more hydrogen that your body needs. Its many benefits include:


  • Deplete your organ tissues your brain tissues and Muscle tissues from deuterium
  • Improve Mitochondria Function
  • Improve Metabolism and boost energy
  • Provide support to prevent chronic disease
  • Support anti-aging and improve vitality

Mitochondria Facts:

As most people know, Mitochondria are tiny double-membrane organelles, known also as “powerhouse of the cell”; they are primarily responsible to convert the oxygen we breath and food we eat into energy our cells can use to grow, divide and function.


In addition to producing nearly 90% of the energy (ATP synthesis) our body needs to function, Mitochondria are responsible for other vital tasks, including:

  • Regulating vital Calcium levels
  • Regulating Innate Immunity
  • Programmed Cell Death
  • Regulating Cell Metabolism

They dictate how you feel and are the bedrock of a strong body and a powerful mind.  In order to produce the energy, mitochondria needs oxygen, and produces CO2 as a waste product, hence we breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide.

When mitochondria dysfunction occurs, researches have been shown that serious diseases are directly linked.