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How Red Light Therapy Can Help You Get the Skin You've Always Dreamed Of

The secret to having healthy, glowing skin? It is the foundation of health on which the skin can prosper. We all know the importance of drinking water and avoiding greasy food to see improvement in our skin, but usually that’s simply not enough. Aside from the many health benefits of red light therapy, these treatments also work to improve skin health at the cellular level to soothe, restore, and invigorate your skin by increasing ATP production, improving circulation, and encouraging faster cellular repair. Proper circulation and cell repair are critical to maintaining health and aging well. Red light therapy (also known as photobiomodulation) is safe, non-invasive, and FDA approved!

LightStim LED Bed

LightStim Red Light Bed

LightStim is a UV-free red light bed composed of 18,240 highly customized LED’s utilizing MultiWave Patented Technology to deliver the most thorough and comprehensive red light treatment available. As a full body or facial treatment, the experience is relaxing and completely non-invasive. In-and-out in just 40 minutes, most people report feeling simultaneously relaxed and energized after a treatment. Skin benefits include:

  • Balanced skin tone  
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Glowing complexion 
  • Reduced redness 
  • Improved hydration within the skin 

The red light emitted from the ProPanel and LightStim bed actively works to rejuvenate your skin by increasing collagen and energy production. An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains the science behind the safety, effectiveness, and efficacy behind red light and skin vitality. The participants showed improvement in skin feel, complexion, and collagen even when accessed several months after treatment.

Red Light Therapy

Infrared Sauna

The health benefits experienced in an infrared sauna are expansive from rejuvenation to detoxification. The most well-known benefits are reduced inflammation, muscle recovery, and detoxification. All of these benefits make the infrared sauna a multi-beneficial addition to your skin care routine whether you’re struggling with acne, clogged pores, dull skin, or simply want more radiant skin.

The infrared light within the sauna reacts with your skin at a cellular level, stimulating the release of toxins, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation which brings more nutrients to the skin and aids in rejuvenation. 

The infrared heat causes sweating, which detoxifies the pores. Sweat is one of the top natural anti-aging remedies as it helps purge dirt, debris, and toxins from your skin. Unclogged pores means less breakouts and a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

Infrared Sauna

Red light therapy is a great option for those with sensitive skin because there are no harmful or irritating chemicals, only light wave frequencies and the natural power of your body to detoxify, heal, and repair. These soothing light levels increase energy production and cell respiration allowing your cells to get rid of harmful toxins at a much higher rate. Apart from just the esthetics of flawless skin it is also important to note the health of our skin is a part of a greater whole. Hormones like melatonin are produced in the lower levels of the skin and red-light has been shown by many studies to balance the production of hormonesWhen our skin is unhealthy it has a harder time protecting us from bacteria and other germs. We must remember that our skin is our first line of defense from the rest of the world, and in order to have optimized health one must start with healthy skin. 

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